- Warm coffee -

You are like a fresh cup of warm coffee / first thing in the morning.
I am tired; weary with the burden of long-closed eyes / and slumber, and the prior day's exhaustation.
But if my day begins with you / I know no task can challenge me.  

Ayer leí este poema en un tumblr, pero no pude encontrar a su autor por ninguna parte. 
Quien quiera que sea, conoce el amor. 

4 comentarios:

  1. Hej, what book is that? it is beautiful!

    1. It's a french book called "Plantes utiles du monde entier", with illustrations from Edgar Hahnewald. It was a present from a second hand market in Belgium. Hope you can find it! :)

    2. El poema es de ao oa volume one http://ao-oa.tumblr.com/ ;)